V Tool players who have gone on to play college ball.

Lemi Williams—Mineral Area College/Long Beach State
Lucas Williams—Three Rivers Community College/39th Round Kansas City Royals
Nick Gates—Williams Baptist College
Travis Hartman—Missouri S and T
Tim Sherrer—Three Rivers Community College/Lincoln University
Brandon Witt—North East Oklahoma A and M
Lance Payne—East Central Community College
Brennon Willard—Three Rivers Community College/Missouri S and 
Joe Cook—Central Missouri State University
Caleb Biggs—Central Methodist College
Caleb Rehbein—Highland Community College
Wayne Ramirez—Highland Community College
Drew Thomas—Missouri State (Club Team)
Cory Kyle—Jefferson County Community College/Arkansas State
Brock Chaffin—Longview Community College/Missouri State
Tyler Wrinkle—Three Rivers Community College/Bellhaven University
Adam Smith—Longview Community College
Blane Willard—Three Rivers Community College/Missouri S and T
Josh White—College of the Ozarks
Daniel Hernandez—Maryville University
Dalton Friend—Jefferson County Community College/12th Round Pittsburgh Pirates
Seth Burns—Meremac Community College/Evangel
Justin Wasmer—Missouri Valley
Brendon Rayburn—Southwest Baptist (football)
Kade Thompson—Longview Community College
Andy Kent—Lincoln University
Zach York—Lincoln University
Tyler White—North Central Missouri Community College/Missouri Valley
Cory Simpson—Longview Community College/Central Missouri State
Ethan Howser—Longview Community College
Trent Simpson—Kansas City Kansas Community College/Missouri Valley
Alex Holem—Missouri Valley
Tyler Hull—Kansas City Kansas Community College/Central Methodist University
David Johnson—North Central Missouri Junior College
Ethan O'Keefe—William Woods University
Nate Isenberg—Lincoln University
Chase Doughtery—North Central Missouri Junior College
Tanner Wetrich—William Woods University
Tanner White—Mineral Area Community College
Levi Bishop—Missouri Valley 
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Testimonials: If you have any desire to play at the next level Coach White is the perfect coach to get you there. He has tons of connections that you will need to help you get to the college level. Many coaches can teach you the fundamentals, but Coach White will make you understand the mental side of the game which is just as important as any fundamental. -- Tyler Wrinkle :: Former player for Coach White and baseball player at Three Rivers Community College and Bellhaven University