Next Level Fitness is a great workout for adults.

Next Level Fitness offers the next generation of physical fitness for adults. We offer classes two nights a week for a more affordable option that you can find anywhere.  We offer trainers experienced in this new type of fitness that is all about increasing cardio, losing weight, toning muscles, increasing flexibility and getting an overall great body workout.  We offer classes that challenge you while allowing you to still get up and go to work the next day.  Our exercises are designed to keep progressing from one stage to the next so there is always something more challenging waiting for you.  Because of these different levels of every exercise we ensure you progress at your own pace and we make sure each class member is getting the most out of each workout, while having a blast in a fun, family oriented, private environment.  Nobody will be watching you through the window, or gawking at you outside the room.  We believe that this philosophy is the "next level of fitness".  It is not weight training, it is not cardiovascular training, it is not cross fit, IT IS a combination of all that and a way to tailor the workout just for you.  
V Tool Baseball
17127 Klinton Dr
Boonville, MO. 65233
Phone: 417-718-5500

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Testimonials: Coach White covers every possible skill during his teachings and he makes sure that every player has the ability to seriously affect each game with their talents. He has a very unique way of getting through to kids and getting them to understand not only the skill, but why they need the skill, and how to fix their mechanics to -- Andrew Jefferson :: Former Triple A Prospect for the Giants and now the Southeastern scout for the Giants.