V Tool Academy Kingsmen 16U

Charles Strain                                 Harrisburg, MO

Aaron Geodrich                               Boonville, MO

Kenny Brunkhorst                            Cairo, MO

Sutton Hauck                                   Vienna, MO

Zaine Dover                                     Sedalia, MO

Brandon Richardson                        Columbia, MO

Carson Ash                                      California, MO

Carson Wiebe                                  Blair Oaks, MO

Brett Huggans                                  Columbia, MO

Francisco Villareal                            Columbia, MO

Joseph Villareal                                Columbia, MO

V Tool Baseball
17127 Klinton Dr
Boonville, MO. 65233
Phone: 417-718-5500

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Testimonials: Coach White will provide the knowledge and skill set that every young athlete wants and needs to learn. "V Tools" is an understatement of what you will actually get from working with Coach White. He not only develops great baseball skills but he also inspires confidence, a better work ethic, and a greater passion for the game. -- Brock Chaffin :: Former player of Coach White's and player at Longview Community College and Missouri State University