V Tool Academy Kingsmen 16U

Charles Strain                                 Harrisburg, MO

Aaron Geodrich                               Boonville, MO

Kenny Brunkhorst                            Cairo, MO

Sutton Hauck                                   Vienna, MO

Zaine Dover                                     Sedalia, MO

V Tool Baseball
17127 Klinton Dr
Boonville, MO. 65233
Phone: 417-718-5500

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Testimonials: Every single player I have recruited from Coach White’s teams have 2 things in common. First they are mentally ready to play college sports and that makes them a step ahead of most freshman. Second, they have done so much work to perfect their mechanics that we rarely have to change anything mechanically with them at all. -- Sam Carol :: Former Jefferson County College coach and Head Coach at Northwestern Oklahoma State University