V Tool Academy Kingsmen 15U

Cody Murrell                                     Linneus, MO

Hunter Pethan                                  Boonville, MO

Mack Sorrells                                   Jamestown, MO

Hunter Stockwell                              Mendon, MO

Mason Baxter                                   Chillicothe, MO

J'Ron Browder                                  Columbia, MO

Jackson Husky                                 Columbia, MO

Conner Fletcher                                Meadville, MO

Kai Tindall                                         Columbia, MO

Bryce Clark                                        Columbia, MO        

Gage Slaughter                                 Columbia, MO

V Tool Baseball
17127 Klinton Dr
Boonville, MO. 65233
Phone: 417-718-5500

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Testimonials: Coach White covers every possible skill during his teachings and he makes sure that every player has the ability to seriously affect each game with their talents. He has a very unique way of getting through to kids and getting them to understand not only the skill, but why they need the skill, and how to fix their mechanics to -- Andrew Jefferson :: Former Triple A Prospect for the Giants and now the Southeastern scout for the Giants.